asturd (asturd) wrote,

APE 2005 retrospective

It went well.

we did get seated (tabled?) in a pretty dead spot for foot traffic, but fortunately by the luck of the draw, we shared a table with the awesome gucky . She had not finished her mini-comic in time and used her table space to host friend's wares including himynameisjamie who does some nice and funny stuff. Also helping man the table was the very fun and sweet poodah.
Back on our side we had some help from lilmeangirl and Liam who did a bit of carnival barking and drinking, unfortunately through no fault of anyone, this did not equal much in sales. In fact I sold only four comics on the first day.

That night we had Indian and Beer in SF with Hank, and the Wagners then ended up going to Sunset to make a brief appearance at the Isotope(comic store) party/award show. There I met Dan and Christopher christafa who do some cool new books for SLG (Cocopiazo and The Ghouly Boys, respectively).

Honestly after the poor sales of Saturday and lack of sleep M and I had a hard time deciding to get out of bed to do it all over again Sunday. Thankfully we did and It turned around right away. M was selling her stuff rapid fire nearly all day and I with the draw of some cheap original Tick art (a bit to cheap- I quickly realized) managed to rope in plenty myself.
We also met some editors from VIZ for the first time and even got invited to do a "business lunch" in SF sometime.

Other highlights were chatting with m' pal Shannon Wheeler tmcm and handing off contributor copies of the Laugh Riot comic to one of my fave cartoonists the now bearded johnnyryan.

Oh and one last meeting of my now favorite punk rock cartoonist, Mike Hersh of Rabid Animal Komix. Mike, as it happens lives right down the street from me, and thank god, I only have issue #1 and #2. So we'll be hanging out soon.

That’s all I can think of now. And I'm really sick of making these LJ tags for peoples names.

Oh, also M and I went and saw Gene Wilder speak last night in SF. It was cool. he is a very glowing and funny man.
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