asturd (asturd) wrote,

red costco day

last night Liam, Perry, Heather, Melanie, and I went out to dinner and then drinks at the ruby room in Oakland. At some point the idea was formed that we would go to Costco early the next day all dressed in red. So that is what we did.
here is a photo collage of the adventure- it's fairly big so watch out!

The thing is - that we have no idea how this idea of dressing in red was formed and why we all agreed upon it with such enthusiasm. None of us had more than 3 drinks so it wasn't some stupor genius decision such as the Andy Shea, Andrew Gilbert, and I trip to the aquarium (was Liam there?) while hung-over. Anyway, we shopped for the 4rth of july and If you havn't heard of the all day festivities yet consider this your invite (this means you Nikhila).
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