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That's the best I can do evidently

It's my birthday! Melanie is taking me up to wine country tomorrow. I am excited. It's gonna be just like that movie sideways.

Like I had mentioned yesterday, I have been looking at my past - and organizing things a bit.
So here are the my major acomplishments to date:

Born September 1977, Bangor Maine (broke head circumference record)

First published work- Cover for Tapestry #3 (1993 Superior junk comics).
Continued drawing the comic until the 9th (spring 96) issue when the comic "company" went broke.

Traveled to Sweden for a summer hitchhiked in up and down the east coast . Settled down to live in a basement closet in Boston MA in the fall of 96.

Got first work drawing the Tick (1997 NEC press ) did several issues (mostly one shots) eventually earning writing credits on the book before parting ways in 2001.

Joined A Global Threat in 1999 recorded an album, three 7 inches and toured twice. Fired/quit the band fall 2001. Due to slow boil, punched lead guitarist in the nose one year later.

In 2002 began co-hosting Republican Chat, a punk/noise/social experiment radio program on A-B free radio.

Did cartoon illustrations for short lived Sci-Fi cable program Dream Team (Fall 2002)

Relocated to East Bay area in 2003.

Began a career as Manga comic book letterer (Fall 2003) for VIZ LLC, Series lettered include Hana-Kimi, Tough, A Cheeky Angel, Zatch Bell, Tankoubon.

Formed Comic publishing Press “Flop House” published first releases The Flickers#1/#2 and Laugh Riot (spring 2005).

Album covers for:

The Unseen, A Global Threat, Crash and Burn, Choke Puppy, Lugosi.

Complete comic Bibliography
Tapestry #3 (cover only), #4, #6, #7, #8 (unpublished)
The Tick Big Blue destiny (back up stories), #3-#5
The Tick Big yule log special 1999, 2000
The Tick’s big Year 2000 spectacle #1
The Tick’s Big Fathersday special
The Tick Incredible Internet special
The Tick Circus Maximus
The Tick Luny Bin (back up stories) #1-#3
The Tick Heros of the city(short stories) #1-#6
The Tick circus Maximus (Illustrations) #1-#4
YTK the comic( x2 covers – short stories)
Rat and the Beanstalk (one page)
Too Much Coffee Magazine #19 (one page)
The Flickers #1/#2
Laugh Riot
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