asturd (asturd) wrote,

Roomies buddies and painful shits

Melanie, Lucy, and I have a new roommate. Her name is Vanessa Davis she is a cartoonist and a sweetie (so far anyway ). 3 cartoonists under one roof - that seems like some sort of crime against God.

check out her comix at

They is good shit.

In other news Andy left today in one piece. It was great to see him and recalibrate. We did sleaze it up a little by drinking plenty of beer his last night (fourth night in a row). Liam was sensible enough to not join in - though I bet if I had promised him a Mc griddle in the AM if he joined us - he would have caved.

We also ate at this Thai place down the road that served us the spiciest meals ever Andy was having real trouble and claimed it was the hottest thing he had ever eaten (he was crying at the table). My ass almost fell off this morning. Ouch!
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